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    About GJCT

    Global Journal of Cancer Therapy is an academic, open access and well-established journal which is keen to publishing high quality manuscripts focusing on cancer therapy. The peer reviewed journal which creates scientific platform is taking into an account on all the most recent and outstanding research articles, technical reports, regular book reviews, scientific data, letters, opinions, reviews, editorials, case reports and short communication in all major areas of Cancer therapy. Global Journal of Cancer Therapy is an international and interdisciplinary scientific journal which dedicated to publishing all most update and excellent articles in all areas of consequent and unlimited fields. It is a premier journal which publishes all the types of scientific data in the field of therapies of cancer and show path for the discovering new methods or mechanisms for curing of chronic diseases. The Journal is at the right time available, generously accessible internationally through internet advancement in the field.

    The Scope of Global Journal of Cancer Therapy covers carcinogenesis, cancer cells, latest technology in cancer detection, cancer biology, cancer biomarkers, molecular cancers, apoptosis, genetics of cancer metabolism and molecular biology, cancer informatics, anti cancer drugs or agents, cancer epidemiology, types of cancer, tumor studies, mutagenesis, whole-body metabolism, including diabetes and obesity, in relation to cancer, metabolism-based imaging, pathophysiology, preclinical and clinical studies of metabolism-related cancer therapies, entire spectrum of clinical and experimental hematology, blood transfusion, including cancer stem cells, medical oncology, including diagnosis and treatment of lymphatic neoplasias, leukemia’s and solid tumors.

    Cancer Therapy
    • Oncology, Cancer Immunology
    • Molecular and cell biology of cancer, oncogenes, carcinogenesis, radiation biology
    • Molecular pathology, hormones and cancer, viral oncology
    • Angiogenesis, Metastasis, and the Cellular Microenvironment
    • Gynecological Cancer, Lung Cancer
    • Obstetrics and Gynecology
    • Cancer Research and Molecular Biology, Cell biology
    • Cancer Genes and Genomics; Cell Cycle, Cell Death, and Senescence
    • DNA Damage and Cellular Stress Responses; Model Organisms
    • Signaling and Regulation
    • Genes Chromosomes and Cancer