Hamza Mujagic

Cancer Center
Former member of MGH
Journal Associated: International Journal of Immunotherapy and Cancer Research Biography:

Dr Hamza Mujagic is former Scholar and Professor at Massachusetts General Hospital/ Harvard University/Harvard Cancer Center,Clinical Review Board Member for Harvard University Cancer Center, Boston and former Consultant for Xanthus Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. He graduated from the University of Zagreb Medical School in 1968 where he also received his basic clinical training and Board certification in Medicine. He obtained his Masters degree from the Center of Advanced Postgraduate Studies,University of Zagreb in 1973 and his PhD from the Deutsches Krebsforschung Zentrum,University of Essen,Germany and University of Zagreb in 1976. He received his specialty training in Nuclear Medicine in 1971-1972 and Clinical Oncology in 1972-1977 from Central Institute for tumors in Zagreb and Internal medicine from several clinical centers in Europe and from the University Medical Center in Sarajevo in 1980. He started his career in Translational Medicine as a Fellow of Scientific Foundation of The Republic of Croatia combining his research at Institute Rudjer Boskovic/ University of Zagreb from 1969-1971 and clinical work at University Hospital “Merkur” in1972 and continued his career in translational medicine at Central Institute for tumors in Zagreb from 1971-1977. As a recipient of International Union Against Cancer (ICRETT) Award he worked in the National Cancer Institute/ National Institutes of Health of the USA in Bethesda from 1978-1979 in the Division of Tumor Immunology. He was then invited to join The National Cancer Institute and worked there from 1980-1984 in the Division of Cancer Treatment and Clinical Cancer Pharmacology Branch. He then accepted a highly competitive position in Department of Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, from 1984-1985.He served in leading positions at the Universities in Banjaluka and Tuzla. In year of 1977 he served as a Visiting Professor at the Clinic of Oncology of the University Marburg an der Lahn, Germany. He was associated as a Scholar and Professor with Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital from 1997 and on, where he has spent most of his last 12 professional years.He is specialist in Internal Medicine/subspecialties Urologic Oncology and Cancer Pharmacology/ Immunology and is Professor of Medicine and Oncology. He published 106 research papers, is on the Editorial Boards of 7 international journals, reviewer for several scientific journals and is cited thus far 575 times. His areas of expertise are:Urologic,lung,breast,GI and melanoma cancers, design and conduct of Clinical trials, Cancer Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy, and Cancer drug analysis and writing. His latest working engagement: was as senior Consultant and Professor at Länssjukhus Sundsvall/Umeå University, Department of Oncology, Sundsvall,Sweden.

URL: mujagich@tripod.com

No. of Publications: 106